David Cherry & Associates // Psychologists and Training Conultants


Over the last 3 years we have:

Provided mediation in workplace disputes; assisted three hospitals to develop the their Code Grey procedures as well as providing training for the Code Grey staff; developed guidelines for principals and other senior staff in schools to respond to the difficult behaviour of parents and other visitors; advised senior managers in two government departments on how to best support staff to cope as well as possible with spending much of their working day reading material relating to the historical sexual abuse of children and young people; developed an on-line learning program on case notes and record keeping for an agency in the aged care and disability sectors; developed a one day training package for volunteer mediators who work within their own community to assist them to work as effectively as possible and to manage the stress of their work; developed a one day training package for managers of volunteers; developed scripts for staff in a call centre to assist them in managing their most difficult calls or callers as well as possible; worked with health and safety representatives in local government to assist them to have difficult conversations with their colleagues and managers in regard to safety issues in the workplace; worked with an agency that provides services to families to develop their policies and procedures in relation to managing disclosures of sexual abuse; helped a community transport agency improve worker well-being by assisting staff to develop their time management skills and to understand the link between time management skills, their effectiveness as workers and their own well-being and; developed and delivered training on professional writing for staff in the housing sector, among many other projects.